Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Deepest Thank You To All of You

This sadly is my last entry as I have gone to the Rainbow Bridge by the time you read this. No one knows for sure what my life was like as I was growing up and I couldn't tell them the experiences I had done. But I can tell you and all that will listen, that these last months of my life have been the greatest of all. I was allowed to leave this world with dignity given to me by Illinois Birddog Rescue and my kind guardians Joyce and Gene. I knew I was loved and I tried to show it back every way I knew how. I know at times, it must of been difficult for my guardians to take care of me, but they did, even knowing that I was not going to leave their home without the gentle hand of God.

I couldn't of asked or picked better parents. Yes! I said parents. To me they were my family and not keepers of an old lady. They loved me and I loved them. They held me in their arms and comforted me through many situations. And in the end, I felt the love and gentleness as I laid in my mom's arms saying, good-bye. I may be gone in body, but my soul will be with them forever. My last words to write.


Sweet Dreams,
Maggie Mae

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